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July 9 weekend
Listen with this family

happy family

What would you do to save someone’s life? Would you give your money, your time, your life? During the next WE KIDS we’ll be hearing about Esther, who learns that her people are in big trouble. What does she do about it? Does she give her money, her time, her life? If you don’t know already, a good way to find out is by listening to the next WE KIDS, Bible-based radio for little people and their families. WE KIDS!

Psalm 80:3, 7, 19 are this week's Bible verse to remember:
       O God, restore us!

       and cause Thy face
       to shine upon us,
       and we will be saved.

When there's trouble, people turn to God for help "and we will be saved." There's more about this during the next edition of WE KIDS. Here's a quick version of what's coming next.
E-couragement from a couple of WE KIDS boys listening to WIHS-FM in Connecticut: "Dear Mr. Nick, we like listening to your radio station. We like how you leave at the end, like how you swam home. We like the wee kids march too. We know some of the Bible verses you read. One of the Bible passages was about Jesus riding on the donkey. Love, Josiah and Joshua" [J&J, thanks. I love your biblical names. And you too!]

lizAt home in Red Bluff, I regularly play hide-and-seek with the lizards. Carolyn doesn't mind watching this outside but is not happy if I bring one of the little fellas inside (Proverbs 30:28). This week I found one while I was watering bushes outside. He scurried out and started a run across the concrete. So I gave him a drink of water, easy target as he was. He darted up the side of the house and I gave him more. I thought he looked thirsty. But he didn't even say thanks. Now I must be careful that neither he nor his reptile friends try to jump inside when we open a door. Hoo, boy.
From lizard-life to little-life and WE KIDS, the next program's waiting. And because it's all about Jesus, the Creator of all this, it's good for you. Listen up!

Mr. Nick

PSThey're saying that the next WE KIDS exit-"machine" marches. It does? What do you think it is?


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