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July 31 weekend
Listen with this family

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Have you ever wondered about rainbows? Rainbows are more than just pretty. They’re to help us remember God’s covenant with us—His promise to us about not flooding the earth. What about this? Find out by listening to the next WE KIDS. It’s Christ-centered and kid-friendly music and smiles and radio hugs—all during the next edition of WE KIDS.

Gen 9:13 is this week's Bible verse to remember. God says:
       "I set my (rain)bow

       in the cloud,
       and it shall be a sign
       of a covenant between
       Me and the earth."
There really is a meaning behind rainbows? Listen to the next edition of WE KIDS for more about it. Here's the quick version.

E-couragement from a WE KIDS couple listening to the Good News Network in Georgia: "Hi Mr. Nick! We just watched our public TV about Paradise burning. We had seen some before but it was heartbreaking watching the entire presentation. Prayers for you and all the people/families. Has much of the town rebuilt? May God continue to bless you in your work! Love, Larry + Gilda" [Thank you for caring enough to pray for us, Larry and Gilda. Since Fire Day in Paradise on November 8, 2018, most of paddlin'the debris from 14,000 burned homes has been cleared. Fewer than 1,000 have been rebuilt, though, with the large majority of residents now living elsewhere. God has provided a new home (and radio production studio) for me in Red Bluff now, about 50 miles north. As on that fateful day, I'm thanking Him for my life. His best to you two too.]

At home in Red Bluff, our cool mornings are becoming more valuable as glowing afternoons slow our summer days. Hot or not, I'm still riding my bicycle around town when not kayaking. But the earlier, the better. And the idea of wading in the big river here splashes me regularly. Ah, these lazy, hazy, wavy days of summerthank You, Lord. And thanks to sister Marlene for the boat-float pic, (though it was neither an ark nor in Red Bluff.)

WE KIDS Radio is good for all seasons, of course. And the next program, as good for your heart as ever, is right here: Listen!

Mr. Nick

PSI'm hearing more hints that the next WE KIDS exit-machine may need a tune-up too. What do you think it might be?

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