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WE KIDS programs available for download
Radio stations may download broadcast-quality MP3 versions
(54 Meg) of WE KIDS.
Right-click for
weekends of September 25 - October 2 - October 9 - October 16

Satellite Distribution of Programs
WE KIDS is available through Amb-OS--Ambassador Satellite.
For satellite or download clearance, please contact Family Programs.

WE KIDS :30 promos available for download
:30 promos in the left column below are for audition only. Broadcast-quality stereo versions (MP3) can be downloaded by right-clicking in the right column. Stations, remember to tag promos with your local WE KIDS broadcast time before putting them into rotation.


 MP3 for radio stations only
week of October 2 promo  week of October 2 promo
week of October 9 promo week of October 9 promo
week of October 16 promo week of October 16 promo
week of September 25 promo now! week of September 25 promo now!
Plumber Plumber
Busy Moms Busy Moms
From A Kid From A Kid
Henny Henny
Light Switch Light Switch

Suggestions? Problems? E-mail Mr. Nick. Or call.

WE KIDS music playlists are here.

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