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There are plenty of good children's recordings available. Some of these can be purchased on line. If you need further information about a specific song, just ask.

To find the name of a specific song, check our WE KIDS play lists below.

May WE KIDS Music

(April is below)

May 1, 2021 
:02  When You Were a Kid Like Me--Krueger, Evertunes ASCAP
:06  Wa-Wa Song--Rettino, Rettino/Kerner ASCAP
:11  The Spirit of Power--Dory, Hosanna! ASCAP
:13  We Serve the Mighty God--Randolf, Hosanna! ASCAP
:16  Stapleford Citadel (march)--Dove, Salvationist
:19  Watch It Grow--Rice-Hopkins, Big Steps 4 U  ASCAP
:23  Through Thick and Thin--Milligan, Evertunes ASCAP
:25  I'm Gonna Fight a Giant--Rettino, Rettino/Kerner ASCAP

May 8, 2021 
:02  The Name of the Lord--Peifer, Hosanna! ASCAP
:05  Only a Boy Named David--arr. Hooper, Hosanna House BMI
:11  Goliath--Currie, Hosanna! ASCAP
:13  I Can Do All Things--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP
:16  The Joy-Bringer (march)--Downie, Salvationist
:18  Amen, Praise the Lord--Rettino, Rettino/Kerner Publishing ASCAP
:24  Let All the Little Children Praise the Lord--Gaither, Gaither Music ASCAP

May 15, 2021 
:02  Wherever/Whenever--Mortimer, Karen & Kids
:07  Don't Be Afraid--Mink, Hosanna! ASCAP
:12  When I Am Afraid--Hernandez, Sparrow ASCAP
:17  Manhattan (march)--Leidzen, Triumphonic
:19  The Lions Weren't Hungry Last Night--Milligan, Garden Valley ASCAP
:24  I Exalt Thee--Sanchez, Pete Sanchez, Jr.

May 22, 2021 
:02  Love Letter--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP
:06  When I Grow Up--Jacobs, Maranatha! ASCAP
:12  Jesus, How I Love You--Jacobs, Maranatha! ASCAP
:17  Sabre and Spurs (march)--Sousa, AMP
:19  Great Big God, Itty Bitty Baby--Krueger, Evertunes ASCAP
:24  Little Miracle--Rice-Hopkins, Big Steps 4 U  ASCAP 

May 29, 2021 
:02  By Faith--Whittemore, Lillenas SESAC
:08  Faith--Hernandez/Saunders, Candle
:12  How Excellent Your Name--Jacobs, Maranatha! ASCAP
:17  Show World March--Richards AMP
:19  Greedy Guy--Rice-Hopkins, Big Steps 4 U  ASCAP
:24  I Am a Promise--Gaither, Gaither Music ASCAP 

April WE KIDS Music

(March is below)

April 3, 2021 Resurrection weekend
:02  Wherever/Whenever--Mortimer, Karen & Kids
:07  Jesus Is Alive and Doin' Well--Smith/arr. Linn, Lillenas SESAC
:12  The Man Called "Jesus"--Miller/Holm, Garden Valley/Going Holm ASCAP/SESAC
:17  He's Alive--Fettke, Pilot Point ASCAP
:18  Children, Join the Celebration--Parks, Singspiration
:21  There Is a Redeemer--Green, Birdwing
:24  We Believe--Gordon/arr. Allen, Pilot Point ASCAP 

April 10, 2021 
:02  Jonah--McGowan, Angel Creek ASCAP
:06  O, I Love Him--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP
:10  Good Night, Little One--Hernandez, Garden Valley ASCAP
:15  Heaven Came Down (march)--Herikstad, Salvationist
:17  Glad to Be Me--Miller, Sparrow Song BMI
:22  The New 23rd--Carmichael, Lexicon ASCAP
:24  Sing Unto the Lord a New Song--unknown, PD/Hosanna! ASCAP
:25  Make a Joyful Noise--Lowe, Hosanna! ASCAP 

April  17, 2021
:02  Chicken Soup--Robertson, Hummingbird/Farnsworth ASCAP
:06  Just Like a Child--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP
:11  Speak, Lord, I'm Listening--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP
:17  The Scarlet Jersey (march)--Steadman, Salvationist
:19  Servants of the Most High God--Gordon/Springer, Hosanna!/Praise! ASCAP/BMI
:23  The Giant Went Down--Davis, AIG Music
:25  Animal Talk--Miller, Garden Valley ASCAP

April  24, 2021
:02  Practice Being Godly--Buchanan, Wanaaring Road Music
:06  Ups and Downs--Brooks, Dawn Treader/StraightWay Music SESAC/ASCAP
:11  O, I Love Him--Gruber, Hosanna! ASCAP
:15  California (march)--Soderstrom, Triumphonic
:18  Mr. Grump--Brooks, Dawn Treader/StraightWay Music SESAC/ASCAP
:25  Psalm 119:9--Bagge, Hosanna! ASCAP