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March 23 weekend
Listen with this family

On the way to Resurrection Day, there were some bad things that happened to the Lord Jesus Christ.  One of those was a day when Jesus was brought before religious leaders who heard men lie about Jesus.  If Jesus is God, why did He let them do this to Him?  Learn more by listening to WE KIDS with this family.  It’s Bible-based and Christ-centered radio for little people.

Isaiah 53:6 is this week's Bible verse to remember:

       All of us like sheep have gone astray,
       each of us has turned to his own way,
       but the Lord has caused the iniquity (sin)
       of us all to fall on Him.

Sheep are not smart.  People are like sheep.  And we get tangled up in sin.  But Jesus (the Good Shepherd) lovingly took our punishment.  Learn more about His kindness during the next WE KIDS.  Here's some talk from me about Him.

E-couragement from a longtime listener in tune with WE KIDS in Texas: "What a Blessing your testimony was on KHCB-FM radio about God's divine intervention in Your escape from the Paradise fire!  I prayed for you and your family during the fire and God answered our prayers in a Big Way!  All Glory and Praise to Him!  I shared your story with my pastor and congregation members during our prayer meeting!  I hope all is well with you and your family and your ministry as you go through this recovery period.  I Love your ministry!  I am a retired school teacher and know how Hello                                                          Dolly!important it is to reach the children for Christ...  May God continue to richly Bless you, your family, and ministry!"  [Alice, thank you for your caring and sharing.  All family is alive and well, debris removal is beginning this month on our patch of Paradise, and WE KIDS is joyfully perking along.  Appreciating you much.]

At home in Biggs, there's a bad dog on the walk to the post office.  Dolly the <<< good dog walks bravely by this barker, stays close by my side, and restrains herself.  But the noisy one is starting to get on my nerves; Dolly's too.  Not a big thing, but a patience-builder.  So this week Dolly and I were walking by and bark-dog just sat on her side of the fence and looked at us.  Hmmm.  Maybe this could work out OK after all.  The purpose of our daily walks, after all, is just to move the mail.  And that's been successful.  But to move the mail and have happy dogs would be wonderful.  We'll see.  (Thanks, Susan, for the picture.)

Speaking of wonderful, the next WE KIDS
for little ears and hearts is ready to go.  You too?  Then listen!

Mr. Nick

PS—The next WE KIDS exit-machine has pipes.  Big pipes.  And it can mess up hair.  What do you think it could be?

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