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December 15 weekend
Listen with these kids

happy kids


Why would a large group of angels appear in the sky and praise God?  This really happened--and those who saw it were amazed.  It had to do with the birthday of Someone very special.  You can find out more about Him during the next WE KIDS, Bible-based radio for little people and their families.

Luke 2:11 is this week's Bible verse to remember:

       Today in the city of David
       there has been born for you a Savior,
       who is Christ the Lord.


This was the wonderful Good News that would bring the world hope.  Hear more about this wonderful Savior during the next WE KIDS.

E-couragement last month from WE KIDS online little listeners in Illinois:  "My parents hear on the news that the fire is where you live. My mom told us this morning about the fires and i prayed that God will protect you and the people in CA. I can not wait to listen to WeKids tomorrow morning. Here is a verse for you to remember from Matthew 28:20 'I will be with you always to the end of the world.'  From Hannah Moriah, Elim, and Florence Abigail  P.S. It snowed this morning!!!!!"  [Thank you, Hannah, Elim, and Florence.  Your prayers have been answered.  I'm doing fine.]

At home in Paradise, it's gone.  The reports of a big fire that swept over our little town are true.  Our home burned to the ground November 8, along with our radio studio.  The same thing happened to thousands of others.  Gladly, I'm still alive--and still singing for the King.  And God is faithful.  I'll tell you more later.

Meanwhile, the n
ext WE KIDS is coming.  Listen here!

Mr. Nick

PS—The next WE KIDS exit-machine, I'm hearing, starts very quickly--and stops just as fast.  What you think it could be?

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