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with some goodies not heard on the radio

September 23 weekend
Listen with this family

When someone dies, it's a very sad time. So what would it be like to have someone interrupt a funeral to talk to the dead person? This is not good--unless the One who stops the funeral is the Maker of Life. This really happened, and this one did have a good ending. Hear more by listening with this family to the next WE KIDS, keeping The Light on for little people.

Psalm 63:3 is this week's Bible verse to remember:

       Because Thy lovingkindness
is better than life,
my lips will praise Thee.

Because God loves us, we praise Him for His lovingkindness. Hear more about Him during the next WE KIDS. Here's some talk from me about Him.

E-couragement from a couple of WE KIDS little listeners of KRKS-FM in Denver: "Dear mr. Nick, o;pkbzxa42s [e5mbm4qz , /123456789 tf097treb m087654321 Translation: Will you please come to my birthday party? Can I come and visit you? Thank you Mr. Nick. We look forward to the ride to church with you! Elisabeth and Jedidiah" [I'd love to come to your birthday party. And you may certainly come and visit me in Paradise. Hugs to you, Elisabeth and Jedidiah! And thanks, Mom, for the translation.]

Here comes autumn. Thank You, Creator God!

Last week we received a good report from Samuel and Vivian after Hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico. Now the whole island is without power after a crushing blow from Hurricane Maria. I've heard nothing from listeners there. Please pray for them with us.

At home in Paradise, there's a new acronym: LBF. It has to do with a pile of two-inch-thick mini-logs I cut from the brush in the tree-trimming adventure here last spring. And what's made from little bitty logs? A Little Bitty Fire, of course.

More importantly, the next WE KIDS. God-honoring and kid-friendly, it's good for growing kids. Here 'tis!

Mr. Nick

PS--The next WE KIDS exit-machine is super-fast, uses fire, and can't be steered. What do you think it could be?

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