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January 19 weekend
Listen with this family

happy family

Keeping rules is not the way to get eternal life.  Still, Christians obey God’s commands because He’s given us eternal life.  Do you know which of these laws is most important?  The Lord Jesus Christ was asked this question.  And during the next WE KIDS we’ll be learning about His wonderful answer.  Listen with this family to WE KIDS, kid-sized and Bible-based radio that’s good for little hearts—and big ones, too.

Matthew 22:37-39 are this week's Bible verses to remember:

       “You shall love the Lord your God 
       with all your heart, 
       and with all your soul, 
       and with all your mind." 
       This is the great and 
       foremost commandment.
       The second is like it,
       "You shall love your neighbor as yourself."

God has to tell us to love?  That shouldn't be too hard—but!  Learn more during the next WE KIDS.

E-couragement from a WE KIDS online listener:  "Mr. Nick, Praise God that you were able to get equipment again and to broadcast with no interruption!  I have listened online.  The quality Dollyappears to be much better than it was!  God truly blesses in the end when disaster strikes.  Thank you again for your ministry and hope to hear you in Paradise soon as you and the city rebuild.  In His Service,  Linda"  [Thanks, Linda!]

At home in Biggs, it's finally starting to feel like home.  It's a temporary place, not spacious, but provided by God and I'm grateful.  It's only a couple of blocks from the post office, so a fast walk will get me there in about five minutes.  Dolly the dog, the owner's chihuahua, loves to walk with me.  She sniffs out everything along the way, keeping a lookout for bad cats.  And thanks to our Lord God, WE KIDS is stilll perking along from this new place.  Such a faith-adventure!  More to come.

Speaking of
WE KIDS, if you're ready for the next one, I am too.  How about now?  It's great for little hearts.

Mr. Nick

PS—The next WE KIDS exit-machine, they're saying, launches to "Giddy up"--but it's not alive.  What you think it could be?

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