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October 20 weekend
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The Bible says that we're to be like the Lord Jesus Christ with the help of the Spirit of God. Does halloween have anything to do with that? About as much as Light has to do with darkness! Find out more during the next WE KIDS, pointing kids to the Light and Life of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 4:24 is this week's Bible verse to remember:

       Put on the new self,
       which in the likeness of God
       has been created in
       righteousness and holiness
       of the truth.

The "new self"? What's this? Hear more during the next WE KIDS. Here's talk from me about it.

halloween is coming. Looking forward to it? Don't! It's a satanic holiday; the satanic holiday. More about doing something else here.

E-couragement from grown-up WE KIDS listeners to WEEC-FM in Ohio: "Dear Mr. Nick of HopeLand... soooo appreciated & applaud your warning to Kiddos about Holloween. They are "ATE UP" at this time of the year, with the treating of TRICKS BY THE Master of TRICKERY. BOO!! HE is LOLing Calvary Kids, sucked up in the FUN (how he sells his hell!) of it, IGNORING the "BOOwho" of it... that is behind his month long, hell on parade. You sed, "a holiday of DEATH"... what a word picture on all kinds of levels. I hope you don't mind if I quote you... WAKE UP KIDS... PUT YOUR Calvary on! Your Ohio fans, Rick and Vicky" [Rick and Vicky, no compromise with you folks! Thanks for caring enough to write.]

At home in Paradise, the household Grandpa enjoyed a Saturday morning cooking extravaganza for grands <<< recently. Eden, the Now-Three! Birthday Girl with brand new apron, raised some flour dust with Older Sister Mercy, Spatula Specialist. Together we produced a pile of pancakes. And only one egg hit the floor. Thank You Lord God, for such big blessings from little grands. (And thanks to Adina-mom, picture lady on this one. How do you do it all?)

Speaking of littles, the next WE KIDS is just off the griddle. Kid-hugging and Christ-centered, it's like hotcakes for your little heart. Listen!

Mr. Nick

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