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December 7 weekend
Listen with this family

happy familyOf all the good things God gives His children, there’s none like the special blessing God gave to Mary, the mother of Jesus.  God sent an angel to her with the message “Hail, favored one.  The Lord is with you!”  What did she say?  Find out during the next WE KIDS, when we’ll be learning more about Mary and her part in the coming of the Messiah.  WE KIDS is Bible-based, Christ-centered, and kid-friendly radio.

Luke 1:30-32 are this week's Bible verses to remember:

       And the angel said to Mary,
       "Do not be afraid.
       You have found favor with God.
       You will be with child, and give birth to a Son.
       And you are to give Him the name 'Jesus.'
       He will be great, and will be called 
       'The Son of The Most High.'"
Is the word "great" big enough to use for the God of the Universe stepping down to be a baby?  There's more about this during the next WE KIDS.  Here's some talk from me about it.

stickers!E-couragement from a WE KIDS mommy in Texas: "This is what happened after we got home from our Thanksgiving trip! 😂 I guess she was making up for lost sticker time! We will write again soon to ask for more stickers![Good idea, Esther. Should we tell readers that your little Ruthie has doubled in size and age during the last year?  And that she's in both pictures here?  Blessings to y'all!]

At home in Red Bluff, I'm liking the wintry feel.  Dry California just got its first serious rain for months, and with it the fragrance of dry plants, lawns, and leaves pretending they're tea.  Listening to the rain-music on the roof is soft and peaceful.  Sunshine is fine, but a good rainstorm brings daylight without shadows, a display of greys, a nice change.  And when it's raining, nothing burns outside.  Which takes me back to this time last year, the end of our life in Paradise, and the start of life in a trailer--which meant hearing every raindrop during storms.  Delicious.  Thank You, Lord, for it all.  It's still an adventure of faith in You.

Hopefully, your daily walk with Jesus will meet my daily walk with Him for the next WE KIDS.  Then we can rejoice in Him together!  Ready for the next program?  Here you go.

Mr. Nick

I'm hearing that the next WE KIDS exit-machine swims but isn't alive.  What do you think it could be?

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