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September 22 weekend
Listen with this family

Gideon had a problem. He had to fight a monstrous number of Midianite bad-guys. So Gideon got together more than 30,000 soldiers. But God said, "Too many." Twice! What happened? You can learn more about Gideon--and trusting God--during the next WE KIDS. It's good for little hearts.

II Timothy 1:7 is this week's Bible verse to remember:

       God has not given us
       a spirit of timidity (fear)
       but of power and love
       and discipline.

Are you afraid of something? Remember our loving and powerful God! Hear more about His protection for us during the next WE KIDS. Here's talk from me about it.

If you prayed about the people in the path of Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas, thank you! More from Len, a WE KIDS dad from that area: "We are grateful that the Lord has shifted it away from us and we continue to trust Him for protection from the life threatening flooding..." [We're still praying with you and for you, Len and family.]

E-couragement from another WE KIDS online-listening father, this one in Ohio: "Mr. Nick, just a note to say thank you for your continuing faithful ministry to children (of all ages). Through the email you send each week, I am able to listen over the internet... I underwent a total knee replacement on June 5. The "wonderful We Kids march" is so therapeutic! ... May God continue to bless your faithful ministry. Bob" [Appreciating your note, Bob—as well as chatting with you on the phone recently. God bless you and your crew there!]

At home in Paradise, there was buried treasure under the living room rug. This is the same rug that's been around for every Christmas since our family moved here 28 years ago. We played on it, prayed on it, shuffled stuff around on it—the usual routine. But its time had finally come. So friend Sam and I ripped it up. To our amazement, it had been hiding a beautiful oak hardwood floor. So like it or not, here comes another fix-it project. But it'll be refinished soon and I'll have another story to tell about a hidden blessing. (I'm hoping you have these too.) As always, thank You, Lord.

Ready for the next edition of WE KIDS? It's Christ-centered, Bible-based, and ready when you are. Even

Mr. Nick

PS—I'm hearing that the next WE KIDS exit-machine flies. Or it's supposed to. Sort of. Uh-oh. What do you think it could be?

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