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February 25 weekend
Listen with this family

How can Christians show they really love Jesus? The Bible is very clear about this. We show that we love God, that we love the Lord Jesus Christ, by doing what He says. Sadly, Peter had a problem with this. How? Learn by listening to the next WE KIDS, kid-hugging radio for little people and their families.

I John 3:18 is this week's Bible verse to remember:

       Little children,
       let us not love with word
       or with tongue,
       but in deed and truth.

There's a name for people who say they'll do something but don't. And God is not pleased with this kind of stuff. Learn more about it during the next WE KIDS. Here's some talk from me about doing what we say.

E-couragement from a grown-up listener to WE KIDS on WEEC-FM in Ohio: "...and Lord, now for Mr. Nick, touch him from the top of his head to the botttom of his feet--heal what is broken, known or unknown, spiritually as well as physically, in ways I can't possibly know needs your touch. Please give him witty inventions for the wee kiddos & the big ones--vision--AND GOBS of new supporters! $$$ In Jesus' Name We Believe And Expect Great Things, Amen. We're almost Home! (whoohooo!) Vicky, daughter of the Most High And Awesome God" [Wow, Vicky--your enthusiasm is wonderful! I appreciate you praying for me. Blessings.]

At home in Paradise, the camellias are doing their bloomin' things again. I didn't notice them much when I was a kid, looking mostly for things that make noise and smoke. Now, though! Silently these beautiful flowers open in our yard to remind us that the Creator is still at work. Thank You, again, Lord God! You do all things well.

Which brings us to the next WE KIDS--pointing us to Jesus, as always. Ready? Listen!

Mr. Nick

PS--The next exit-machine, I'm hearing, is mostly brass and has a big slide. What do you think it could be?


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