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June 24 weekend
Listen with this family

In the Old Testament days of Ezra, the best way to hear the Word of God was to gather everybody together and read it--aloud. For hours. And to show their respect for God's Word, all the people stood up. This is part of the next WE KIDS--along with plenty of Bible-based music, the Wonderful WE KIDS March, and radio smiles. Listen to WE KIDS, Bible-based radio goodstuff for little people and their families.

Nehemiah 8:5 is this week's Bible verse to remember:

       And Ezra opened the Book
       in the sight of all the people
       for he was standing
       above all the people;
       and when he opened it,
       all the people stood up.

The Bible is God's Word to us. We should treat it lovingly and carefully. It's even all right to stand when the Bible is read! Hear more about this during the next WE KIDS. Here's some talk from me about His goodness to us.

E-couragement from a grown-up WE KIDS listener to WRVM-FM in Wisconsin: "Hi, Mr. Nick… I am a big fan of your We Kids program and listen every Saturday... Thank you for your excellent Bible-teaching work! What a great ministry. I have been a teacher for 37 years in Christian schools. I also do christian puppetry... I will be retiring from teaching soon. I am wondering about how you got started in doing We Kids and how I might begin a similar ministry in the Midwest area. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Blessings on your work. Dave" [Dave, thanks for asking. I started as a teenage volunteer at a Christ-centered radio station, then studied electronics, Bible, and broadcasting in college. While in school, I started work at a Christ-centered radio network and stayed for 15 years. During that time, WE KIDS sprouted as an idea and a prayer. With God's direction, we started a non-profit organization, bought used radio production equipment, prayed lots, and began WE KIDS with our family savings. That was more than 30 years ago, and God is and always has been faithful. These things do take time, though.]

At home in Paradise, there are good memories of last weekend's getaway to Visalia. Our high school graduating class gathered for our 45th (!) anniversary reunion. There are more than 400 of us in that class scattered more than 400 different directions. Most of us are parents and grandparents now; there are a few in medical professions, some truck drivers, farmers, social workers, real estate agents, custodians, banking and finance professionals, retail sales people, educators. You know about the one guy in broadcast ministry. On the other side, some have done jail time--although I didn't ask much about that. And sadly, 22 of us (those we know about) have died. My friend Don >>> sang with us in our church youth choir, and now he's a Professor of Music at Southern Wesleyan University. Time changes things, yes? Which is a great reason to point kids early in life to our Lord Jesus Christ.

And that's what WE KIDS is all about. Ready for the next program? Listen!

Mr. Nick

PS--Hints are that the next WE KIDS exit-machine has four wheels and is loud and shiney. What do you think it could be

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