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February 23 weekend
Listen with this family

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What would you do if a friend turned against you?  A friend turned against you so that your life was in danger?  This is exactly what happened to the Lord Jesus Christ.  How did it turn out?  Listen to the next WE KIDS, Christ-centered radio for kiddos and their families.  
Ephesians 1:7 is this week's Bible verse to remember:

       But God demonstrates
       His own love for us
       in that while we were yet sinners,
       Christ died for us.

Is there a better way to prove love than by dying for another?  No.  And that's what God did for us.  Learn more during the next WE KIDS.  Here's some talk from me about it.

Elizabeth and BenE-couragement from the mother of Elizabeth, WE KIDS now-grown listener and one of seven sisters who grew up in Arkansas: "The BRIDE is doing typical bride things, and we are moving right along towards THE BIG DAY, counting down each day...  Elena"  [Could the bride be little Elizabeth from years ago?  Yes indeed.  March 30 is when she and Ben plan to wed and launch into life together.  Exciting days ahead!  Thanks again for your faithful mommying and grandmommying, Elena.  Hugs.]

At home in Biggs, in contrast, it's brain-wracking time.  As you may know, our home in Paradise burned along with thousands of others last November.  Total loss.  So the insurance company gave the choice of making a list of all our stuff or just receiving a lump sum of money for house contents.  After receiving the cash, the insurance people said, "Are you sure?  You can still list everything and probably receive more."  Nah.  Too much work; it's all gone anyway.  Now this week thoughts of garage things have been coming to mind.  Basketballs.  Pruning shears.  Saws.  Air filters.  So, mind-change.  Now it's all being entered on a spreadsheet.  I think if I had life to do over again, I'd keep only my Bible and blue jeans.  Much simpler.  Thank You, Lord, for being patient and teaching me patience during these days.

If you've been patiently waiting for the next WE KIDS, it's ready.  All about Jesus: during the kid-hugging next program we love Him and worship Him together.  It's ready now!

Mr. Nick

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