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February 29 weekend
Listen with this family

happy familyWhen Jesus spoke, people listened—even kids—because His Words are powerful and true.  He said, for example, “blessed are the peacemakers.”  And, on the other hand, that people would say bad things about His followers.  During the next WE KIDS littles will be learning about these and other words of Jesus that help us to be like Him forever.  Bible-based and Christ-centered radio for little people, listen to WE KIDS!

Matthew 5:9 is this week's Bible verse to remember. Jesus says:

       Blessed are the peacemakers,
       for they shall be called sons of God.
So how do we make peace? With help from the Prince of Peace, Himself. Learn more during the next program. Here's some talk from me Him.

E-couragement this week from a "Listening to it since I was a little kid" WE KIDS listener catching the program online in Pennsylvania: "Hi, my name is Jody and I manage a daycare with 5 sweet little kids. They love listening to your program and ask for it pretty much Paradise irisevery day. I'm looking forward to reading them the We Kids Kronicle and giving them the stickers. Thank you for all you do! I have your songs stuck in my head and sing them with the kids all the time. Bless you!" [God bless you too, Jody.  WE KIDS stickers should be to you soon. Hugs to your five littles there.]

At home in Red Bluff days are getting longer, cherry trees are blooming, and sunshine is getting warmer.  More like spring, 'tis.  Since Mom's rescued cyclamen and narcissus bloomed here, hopes are that transplanted iris rhizomes from Paradise will do the same—like this picture from the past.  That might happen in May.  Meanwhile, I've found myself digging weeds from around them.  And hey!  Getting back to my roots by digging in dirt is as wholesome as it is fun.
Our Creator God is the One who planned this beauty and put it all together.  And He's what
WE KIDS is all about: praising Him, loving Him, enjoying Him.  The next program is piping hot and here.

Mr. Nick

The next WE KIDS exit-machine "sinks as well as it floats," I'm told.  What do you think it could be?

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