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April 28 weekend
Listen with this family

Have you ever been rescued? Being rescued is special. But if you've ever been rescued by an angel, that's really special. And that's exactly what happened to the apostles after they'd been thrown into prison for teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ. Learn more during the next WE KIDS--it's as much fun for little ears as it's good for little hearts.

I Peter 5:7 is this week's Bible verse to remember:

       ...casting all your anxiety on Him,
       because He cares for you.

Worried? God has it all under control. There's more about this during the next WE KIDS. Here's talk from me about it.

E-couragement from a family of marching WE KIDS listeners to KHCB-FM in Texas: "Mr. Nick, Reece likes to be the parade leader, marching to the tune. But he will trade off and allow his sister to lead, too. They are very dramatic and in-synch. Farley will sometimes add her gymnastics flare, while Reece often likes to play his guitar. Kit has fun being in the middle of it all and often gets his wooden whistle to blow while everyone is marching! Thanks for making it so fun!" [Thanks, Reece, Farley, and Kit. Audience participation is fun, yes?]

At home in Paradise, there are still smiles about the big surprise. Last week's comments here about grown-up WE KIDS listener Elizabeth, a student at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas, were sent just before I headed that direction. So here's the rest of the story. Four of her sisters came to support Elizabeth (second from left <<< in back row) during her Senior Piano Recital, as well as friends, her mother Elena, nephews and nieces, other family members, fellow students--and me. She was happily surprised. And I was very glad to meet all these WE KIDS-kids. Thank You, Father God. (And good job, Mom. We pulled it off!)

Grown or not, youngster, you're welcome to put in an ear or two for the next WE KIDS. It's good for growing kids.

Mr. Nick

PS-The next WE KIDS exit-machine, I've heard, is "spacey." What do you think it could be?

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