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July 21 weekend
Listen with this family

If you did something great by the power of God, how would you feel? Then, if people were amazed and began saying that YOU were a god, how would you feel? And what would you do? This really happened to a man. Find out more during the next WE KIDS, keeping the Light on for little people and their families.

Psalm 121:2 is this week's Bible verse to remember:

       My help comes from the LORD,
       Who made heaven and earth.

Need help? Do you think the One Who "made heaven and earth" can help? There's more coming about Him during the next WE KIDS. Here's talk from me about Him.

E-couragement from a faithful WE KIDS listener in Georgia: "Mr. Nick, it is so important for families to live, play, pray together--and Mr. Nick you were called to this from God--you are very dedicated and you really love your godly calling. I send my warm heart-felt greetings... Patricia" [Thank you, Patricia. Keep shining for Him.]

The youngest WE KIDS marcher, Ruth, was born last week in Texas to Kevin and Esther. The happy aunt count is at least a half dozen with Rachel, Sarah, Deborah, Hannah, Naomi, and Elizabeth cheering on their sister and new mom Esther. Meanwhile, in Arkansas Grandmother Elena is still catching her breath. Ah, another gift of God. Thank You, Lord.

At home in Paradise, I've discovered that walking to the Post Office to pick up WE KIDS mail instead of riding a bicycle has its advantages. Like stopping to sample the ripe blackberries along the way. Roar by, hurried motorists. My fingers are stained with berry juice for good reason.

Which reminds me about the better-than-berry good time for kids coming during the next WE KIDS. It's all about pointing little people to Jesus, Who came up with the idea of berries in the first place. Ears ready? Heart ready? The next WE KIDS is ready now.

Mr. Nick

PS—I'm hearing that the next WE KIDS exit-"machine" is slow but cool. What do you think it could be? (Hint: splashy.)

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