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There are plenty of good children's recordings available. Some of these can be purchased on line. If you need further information about a specific song, just ask.

To find the name of a specific song, check our WE KIDS play lists below.

February WE KIDS Music

(January music is below.)

February 1, 2020
:02  My Soul Magnifies the Lord--Bambino, Hosanna! ASCAP
:05  What Book?--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP
:09  Joy! Joy! Down in My Heart--Cooke, PD
:14  USAAC March--Souza, AMP
:16  Praise the Lord From the Heavens--Jacobs, Maranatha! ASCAP
:21  I Love to Say Your Name--Miller, Garden Valley ASCAP
:23  Here Kitty Kitty--Houghtaling

February 8, 2020
:02  The Bible Is God's Book--Siler/Mandeville, Manler Music/Sideville Music ASCAP/BMI
:05  Peter Was a Fisherman--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP
:09  The Fish Are Gonna Bite--Rice-Hopkins, Big Steps 4 U  ASCAP
:13  Dalaro (march)--Gregson, Salvationist
:16  Chicken Soup--Robertson, Hummingbird ASCAP
:20  In His Time--Ball, Maranatha!
:23  Jesus' Love--Schreiner, Gospel Light

February 15, 2020
:02  Love Letter--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP
:06  Recipe for Love--Miller, Garden Valley ASCAP
:11  Beloved, Let Us Love One Another--Ryder, Maranatha!
:16  I'll Stand for Christ (march)--Scott, Triumphonic
:18  Bigger Than That--Siler/Mandeville, Manler Music/Sideville Music ASCAP/BMI
:23  For God So Loved the World--Siler/Mandeville, Manler Music/Sideville Music ASCAP/BMI
:24  Jesus' Love--Schreiner, Gospel Light

February 22, 2020
:02  Stand Up--unknown, arr. Hosanna!
:05  There's a Hole in My Roof--Evans, Donut Records
:10  Walking and Singing--Rice-Hopkins, Big Steps 4 U  ASCAP
:16  Victorious (march)--Gullidge, Salvationist
:18  The Gimmee Monster--Brooks, Super Gang ASCAP
:23  Miracles Are Ordinary Things--Siler/Mandeville, Manler Music/Sideville Music ASCAP/BMI
:25  The Giant Went Down--Davis, Answers in Genesis 

February 29, 2020
:02  Bullfrogs and Butterflies--McGuire, Sparrow ASCAP
:06  Don't Love Stuff--Siler/Mandeville, Manler Music/Sideville Music ASCAP/BMI
:10  We Are the Children of the King--McLain, Lillenas SESAC
:15  The Joy-Bringer (march)--Downie, Salvationist
:17  There Is Power in the Name of Jesus--unknown, Brentwood
:21  That's When We Learn to Fly--Honeytree, Word ASCAP
:24  Dry Bones--unknown, Majesty Music

January WE KIDS Music

January 4, 2020
:02  The Very Best News--Krueger, Evertunes ASCAP
:06  The Body Song--Rettino, Rettino/Kerner ASCAP
:10  You Are the Light of My Soul--Lambert, Hosanna! ASCAP
:13  Stapleford Citadel (march)--Dove, Salvationist
:16  Itsy Bitsy Creatures--Fulmore, Fulmore Music SESAC
:21  Let All the Little Children Praise the Lord--Gaither, Gaither Music ASCAP
:23  The Glories--Smale, Praise Industries (Canada)

January 11, 2020
:02  Nobody's Perfect--Millikan, Discovery House Music
:06  God Is King of All the Earth--Hernandez, Sparrow
:11  We Are the Children of Promise--McDaniel
:15  Manhattan (march)--Leidzen, Triumphonic
:17  Follow the Directions--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP
:22  We Bow Down--Paris, Singspiration ASCAP
:24  Galations 2:20--Buchanan, Wanaaring Road Music

January 18, 2020
:02  The Good Book--Krueger, Little Lion ASCAP
:05  We'll Do It God's Way--Jacobs, Maranatha! ASCAP
:10  I Believe God--unknown
:14  The World's Progress March--Herbert AMP
:17  If We Don't Lose Heart--Hernandez, Birdwing ASCAP
:21  God in a Box--Krueger, Evertunes ASCAP
:24  Love and Obey--Funk, Praise! BMI

January 25, 2020
:02  That's When the Angels Rejoice--Bryant, Meadowgreen ASCAP
:05  Put Jesus in Your Everyday Life--Rettino, Rettino/Kerner Pub.
:11  If You're Saved--PD
:14  California (march)--Soderstrom, Triumphonic
:17  Jesus' Love--Schreiner, Gospel Light
:21  The Blessing Song--Gordon, Hosanna! ASCAP
:23  When I Was a Child--McDaniel, Two Waters SOCAN