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There are plenty of good children's recordings available. Many of these can be purchased on line or at local Christian bookstores. If you need further information about a specific song, just ask.

To find the name of a specific song, check our WE KIDS play lists below.

June WE KIDS Music

(May music, below)

June 3, 2017
:02 Come on Home
--Rice-Hopkins, Big Steps 4 U ASCAP
:07 Kids Under Construction
--Gaither, Gaither Music ASCAP
:12 God Is Good
--Kendrick, Thankyou Music ASCAP
:17 Temple 85 (march)
--Bearcroft, Salvationist
:19 From a Frog to a Prince
--Davis, AIG Music
:23 Jesus Loves Me
--Warner, GCP, Inc.

June 10, 2017
:02 Ups and Downs
--Brooks, Dawn Treader/StraightWay SESAC/ASCAP
:06 Beautiful, Wonderful, Glorious Things
--Gordon, Hosanna! ASCAP
:11 Nehemiah's Wall
--Evans, Donut
:17 Rosehill (march)
--Jakeway, Salvationist
:19 Mr. Grump
--Brooks, Dawn Treader/StraightWay SESAC/ASCAP
:26 Jesus Loves the Little Ones Like Me

June 17, 2017
:02 I Just Wanna Be a Sheep
--Howard, Mission Hills Music BMI
:06 Count to Ten
--Rebuck/Hungsinger, Corinthian Music/Doulos Publishing SESAC/BMI
:11 God Is My Refuge
--Montemayor, Hosanna! ASCAP
:13 I Will Rejoice
--LeBlanc, Hosanna! ASCAP
:17 Motondo (march)
--Osgood, Salvationist
:20 Make Your Dad Glad
--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP
:24 How Good It Is
--Hernandez/Nelson, Birdwing/His & Hernandez Music ASCAP

June 24, 2017
:02 The Amazing Book
--Hernandez, Little Lion ASCAP
:05 Old Testament Rhapsody
--Huntsinger, Huntsinger Music BMI
:10 What Book?
--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP
:14 Spirit of Joy (march)
--Rive, Salvationist
:17 The Heavens Are Telling
--Rebuck, Lillenas SESAC
:17 The Heavens Declare
--Barkum, Lillenas SESAC
:21 Believe It or Not
--Hernandez, Little Lion ASCAP
:23 It's Incredible
--Gaither, Gaither Music ASCAP

May WE KIDS Music

May 6, 2017
:02 Children Children
--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP
:05 Dancin' in the Desert
--McMahon, Benson Publishing ASCAP
:10 Overcome Evil with Good
--Hernandez, Birdwing ASCAP
:14 King Cotton (march)
--Sousa, AMP Recording
:16 I Just Want to Be
--Crouch, Lexicon ASCAP
:22 As the Deer
--Nystrom, Maranatha!
:24 You're Special
--Hemphill, Benson

May 13, 2017
:02 Don't Love Stuff
--Siler/Mandeville, Manler Music/Sideville Music ASCAP/BMI
:04 The Trees of the Field
--Rubin, Lillenas SESAC
:08 My Trust Is in the Name of The Lord
--Jasurda, Hosanna! ASCAP
:12 Brooklyn Citadel (march)
--Bearchell, Salvation Army
:15 Great Big Beautiful World
--Brooks, Dawn Treader/StraightWay SESAC/ASCAP
:20 The Hands so Strong and Mighty
--Jackson, Calvary Chapel Murrieta
:23 Trust in The Lord
--Sadler, Hosanna! ASCAP

May 20, 2017
:02 My Soul Magnifies the Lord
--Bambino, Hosanna! ASCAP
:05 What Book?
--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP
:09 Joy! Joy! Down in My Heart
--Cooke, PD
:14 USAAC March
--Souza, AMP
:16 Praise the Lord From the Heavens
--Jacobs, Maranatha! ASCAP
:21 I Love to Say Your Name
--Miller, Garden Valley ASCAP
:23 Here Kitty Kitty

May 27, 2017
:02 He Is the King of Kings
--Meares, Hosanna! ASCAP
:03 Shout Hosanna
--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP
:06 From the Morning
--Nystrom, Hosanna! ASCAP
:11 We Will Glorify
--Paris, Singspiration
:12 King of Kings
--Conty, Maranatha!
:15 First Brigade March
--Reeves, AMP
:18 Itsy Bitsy Frog/O Be Careful
--Hedlund, traditional
:22 Just Like You
--Chew, Maranatha! ASCAP
:25 Grow Me Up Like You
--Rice-Hopkins, Big Steps 4 U