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There are plenty of good children's recordings available. Some of these can be purchased on line. If you need further information about a specific song, just ask.

To find the name of a specific song, check our WE KIDS play lists below.

April WE KIDS Music

(March music is below)

April 6, 2019 
:02  Shout to the Lord--Wanjau, GCP, Inc.
:05  I Saved Him--Thrower, Hosanna! ASCAP
:10  Great Is Your Love--Hart, Hosanna! ASCAP
:14  Dalaro (march)--Gregson, Salvationist
:16  Great Big God, Itty Bitty Baby--Krueger, Evertunes ASCAP
:21  The Band-Aid Song--Jones
:24  No Matter How Little You Are--Siler/Mandeville, Manler Music/Sideville Music ASCAP/BMI

April 13, 2019 
:02  A King Comes Riding by--Livingston, Singspiration SESAC
:06  Hosanna!/Hail to the King--Zuziak, Hosanna! ASCAP
:12  For God So Loved the World--Rettino, Rettino-Kerner Pub.
:16  Victorious (march)--Gullidge, Salvationist
:18  Be the Wheat and Not the Weeds--Siler/Mandeville, Manler Music/Sideville Music ASCAP/BMI
:22  O Worship the King--Grant, GCP, Inc.
:24  In My Garden--Rice-Hopkins, Big Steps 4 U

:02  Wherever/Whenever--Mortimer, Karen & Kids
:07  Jesus Is Alive and Doin' Well--Smith/arr. Linn, Lillenas SESAC
:12  The Man Called "Jesus"--Miller/Holm, Garden Valley/Going Holm ASCAP/SESAC
:17  He's Alive--Fettke, Pilot Point ASCAP
:18  Children, Join the Celebration--Parks, Singspiration
:21  There Is a Redeemer--Green, Birdwing
:24  We Believe--Gordon/arr. Allen, Pilot Point ASCAP

April 27, 2019
:02  ABC's of Praise--Rice-Hopkins, Big Steps 4 U ASCAP
:06  Practice Being Godly--Buchanan, Wanaaring Road Music
:11  Crown Him with Many Crowns--Bridges/arr. Hall, Larry Hall Music
:16  Danforth Citadel (march)--Coles, Fidelity
:18  Don't Be a Chicken, Be Bold--Rettino, Rettino/Kerner Pub.
:23  More Precious Than Silver--DeShazo, Hosanna! ASCAP (from "Into Africa" CD)
:25  There Is None Like You--LeBlanc, Hosanna! ASCAP (from "Into Africa" CD)

March WE KIDS Music

March 2, 2019 
:02  Servants of the Most High God--Gordon, Hosanna!/Praise ASCAP/BMI
:05  When I Grow Up--Jacobs, Maranatha! ASCAP
:10  Change My Heart, O God--Espinosa, Mercy-Vineyard Pub ASCAP
:14  Silver Star (march)--Steadman, Fidelity
:17  Friends--Hiller, Lawson Falle Ltd. ASCAP
:22  One Big Hallelujah--Christiansen, Hosanna! ASCAP
:25  With All My Heart--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP

March 9, 2019
:02  Great Big Beautiful World--Brooks, Dawn Treader SESAC
:07  Rock on Rock--Smart, Lillenas SESAC
:12  Praise the Name of Jesus--Hicks, Latter Rain
:16  Brooklyn Citadel (march)--Bearchell, Salvation Army
:18  The Frog and the Cricket--Milligan, Garden Valley ASCAP
:21  Bless the Lord--Jacobs, Maranatha! ASCAP
:25  Hallelujah Heart--Gordon, Hosanna! ASCAP

March 16, 2019 
:02  The Fish Are Gonna Bite--Rice-Hopkins, Big Steps 4 U ASCAP
:05  What Book?--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP
:10  Thou Are Worthy--Mills, Fred Bock Music
:14  The Invincible Army (march)--Salvationist
:17  From a Frog to a Prince--Davis, AIG Music
:22  Just Like You--Chew, Maranatha! ASCAP
:26  Walkin' with Jesus--Milligan, Garden Valley ASCAP

March 23, 2019 
:02  In the Beginning--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP
:05  The Ducks Go by--Salte, Praise Industries (Canada)
:10  The Shepherd Song--Hodges, Celebration ASCAP
:15  Courage (march)--Marshall, Salvationist
:18  I Am the Vine--Sousa, Sousaphone
:22  Let All the Little Children Praise the Lord--Gaither, Gaither Music ASCAP
:25  My Soul Magnifies the Lord--Bambino, Hosanna! ASCAP

March 30, 2019
:02  Everything I See--Milligan, Garden Valley ASCAP
:05  Cockadoodle Don't--Siler/Mandeville, Manler Music/Sideville Music ASCAP/BMI
:09  Create In Me--Hopkins, Big Steps 4 U ASCAP
:11  Children of the King--Hopkins, Big Steps 4 U ASCAP
:14  Roll Call (march)--Broughton, Fidelity
:16  Children of God--Mortimer, Karen & Kids
:21  I Am Persuaded--Houghtaling, 3ABN (from "Kids Time" CD)
:24  Remember the Lord--Buchanan, Wanaaring Road Music