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There are plenty of good children's recordings available. Some of these can be purchased on line. If you need further information about a specific song, just ask.

To find the name of a specific song, check our WE KIDS play lists below.

April WE KIDS Music

(March music is below)

April 7, 2018
:02 Farmer and the Sheep
--Rice-Hopkins, Big Steps 4 U ASCAP
:06 I'm Glad I Live in a House
--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP
:10 How Firm a Foundation
--Rippon, arr. Larry Hall Music
:16 Courage (march)
--Marshall, Salvation Army
:19 An Earful of Cheerful
--Davis, Sparrow
:23 A Smile Is a Flower From the Heart
--Siler/Mandeville, Manler Music/Sideville Music ASCAP/BMI
:25 Come Into His Presence
--Baird, Hosanna! ASCAP

April 14, 2018
:02 A Perfect Day
--Jacobs, Maranatha! ASCAP
:05 Make a Noise
--Miller, Garden Valley ASCAP
:09 Use Me
--Walker, Hosanna! ASCAP
:14 Rosseau (march)
--Ogg, Salvationist
:16 Follow the Directions
--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP
:21 Oh, How He Loves You and Me
--Kaiser, Word ASCAP
:23 Thank You, Lord
--Cox, Mark & Jeff Music BMI

April 21, 2018
:02 Blind Leading the Blind
--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP
:07 I Obey My Mom
--McDaniel, Two Waters SOCAN
:12 The Very Best News
--Krueger, Evertunes ASCAP
:16 Under Two Flags (march)
--Coles, Salvationist
:18 God Likes Fun
--Miller, Garden Valley ASCAP
:21 Beautiful
--Cleveland, Maranatha! ASCAP
:23 One Big Hallelujah!
--Christensen, Hosanna! ASCAP

April 28, 2018
:02 A Hallelujah Heart
--Gordon & Funk, Hosanna! ASCAP
:06 Remember the Lord
--Buchanan, Wanaaring Road Music
:11 Cares Chorus
--Willard, Maranatha! ASCAP
:16 Montreal Citadel (march)
--Andoire, Salvationist
:19 Surfin' Turtle
--Jacobs, Joyful Heart
:23 Powerhouse
--Lange, Lange Music

March WE KIDS Music

(February music is below)

March 3, 2018
:02 All Things Work Together
--Hernandez, Sparrow
:05 God Knew Me and You
--Milliken, Discovery Music
:10 The Camel in the Needle
--Evans, Donut Records
:15 Old Orchard Centenary (march)
--Scott, Triumphonic
:18 Shout to the Lord
--Wanjau, GCP, Inc.
:22 Use Me
--Walker, Hosanna! ASCAP
:25 Only When You Share
--Miller, Fancy Monkey littledogsontheprairie.com

March 10, 2018
:02 God Likes Kids
--Hemphill, Benson
:04 Grow Me Up
--Rice-Hopkins, Big Steps 4 U
:09 Zacchaeus
--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP
:14 The Invincible Army (march)
--Steadman, Salvationist
:16 Jonah
--McGowen, Angel Creek ASCAP
:21 Kids Tellin' Kids
--Brooks, SuperGang ASCAP
:24 School of the Fool

March 17, 2018
:02 The Good Book
--Krueger, Little Lion ASCAP
:06 The Sower
--Evans, Hosanna! ASCAP
:10 Actions Speak Louder Than Words
--Hill, Birdwing ASCAP
:11 Written on My Heart
--McHahan, Picardi Press ASCAP
:15 Vanguard (march)
--Silfverberg, Fidelity
:17 Don't Eat From That Tree
--Siler/Mandeville, Manler Music/Sideville Music ASCAP/BMI
:22 You Are the One!
--Green, Birdwing
:23 I Love You, Lord
--Krueger, Garden Valley Music ASCAP
:25 The Band-Aid Song
--Jones, Jones

March 24, 2018
:02 A King Comes Riding by
--Livingston, Singspiration SESAC
:06 Hosanna!
--Pettygrove, Hosanna! ASCAP
:08 Hail to the King
--Zuziak, Hosanna! ASCAP
:12 Palm Sunday Celebration
--Rice-Hopkins, Big Steps 4 U ASCAP
:16 Fill the World (march)
--Silfverbert, Salvationist
:18 Count to Ten
--Rebuck/Huntsinger, Corinthian Music/Doulos Pub. SESAC/BMI
:23 In My Father's House
--Hernandez, Birdwing ASCAP
:24 Be a Palm-Waver
--Siler/Mandeville, Manler Music/Sideville Music ASCAP/BMI

March 31, 2018
:02 Wherever/Whenever
--Mortimer, Karen & Kids
:07 Jesus Is Alive and Doin' Well
--Smith/arr. Linn, Lillenas SESAC
:12 The Man Called "Jesus"
--Miller/Holm, Garden Valley/Going Holm ASCAP/SESAC
:17 He's Alive
--Fettke, Pilot Point ASCAP
:18 Children, Join the Celebration
--Parks, Singspiration
:21 There Is a Redeemer
--Green, Birdwing
:24 We Believe
--Gordon/arr. Allen, Pilot Point ASCAP