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WE KIDS programs available for download
Radio stations may download broadcast-quality  MP3 versions
(54 Meg) of WE KIDS.
Right-click for
weekends of November 23 - November 30 - December 7 - December 14

Satellite Distribution of Programs
WE KIDS is available through Amb-OS--Ambassador Satellite.
For satellite or download clearance, please contact Family Programs.

WE KIDS :30 promos available for download
:30 promos in the left column below are for audition only. Broadcast-quality stereo versions (MP3) can be downloaded by right-clicking in the right column. Stations, remember to tag promos with your local WE KIDS broadcast time before putting them into rotation.


 MP3 for radio stations only
week of Nobember 30 promo week of November 30 promo
week of December 7 promo week of December 7 promo
week of December 14 promo week of December 14 promo
week of November 23 promo now! week of November 23 promo now!
Plumber Plumber
Busy Moms Busy Moms
From A Kid From A Kid
Henny Henny
Light Switch Light Switch

Suggestions? Problems? E-mail Mr. Nick. Or call.

WE KIDS music playlists are here.

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