halloween? Do something different!
Because halloween is also known as a celebration of death and darkness, Mr. Nick says "Don't do it." Christians celebrate life and light.

October 31 is more than just dressing up in a costume and collecting candy from neighbors. The night of October 31 is when satan, his forces of darkness, and people who follow him do scary, sinful things.

Please don't dress up in a halloween costume and try to frighten your friends. Keep away from trick-or-treating--because these halloween things of death, dying, and darkness make the devil happy.

Instead, how about a Fall Festival at the church? Or a gathering with other Christians? Parents, you'll need to help plan this. But it'll be worth it--to avoid dark and profane halloween. Let's keep our worship directed to the Almighty God, to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Perhaps the best information about this problem is Halloween: Its Origins And Customs. Stop by Halloween: What You Should Know About It, one of an excellent set of Bible-based articles about halloween. Here's an interview with, and warnings from, John Ramirez, formerly a satan-worshiper. Also consider this good alternative: A Night of Reformation. (2017 was the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, by the way.)

Finally, consider the words of Anton LaVey, the founder of the church of satan: “I am glad that Christian parents let their children worship the devil at least one night out of the year. Welcome to Halloween.” From the Open Your Eyes People site, an article about halloween written by a Christian who once worshipped satan. Now she loves and serves Jesus Christ.

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